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Tiana Maros Interview

Tiana Maros Interview

1 ) When did you first start painting

1) I’ve always painted but never considered it a valuable option as a job because being an artist meant being poor- at least that’s what my family told me. After studying photography and 3D for movies and trying both out professionally, I realized I didn’t have the creative freedom I so desperately needed, so I took a good look at myself and decided to jump into the one thing that always came easiest to me.

2) What techniques do you use in your pictures

2)  I decided my past education would not be in vain and incorporated the techniques I had learned from my years as a photographer and 3D artist. I basically always create reference images in 3D (it’s like working in clay but digitally), then I light my models the way a photographer would and when it’s all right, I paint on canvas what I previously created on the computer. So basically I have a perfectly planned out digital file of what I want to paint before it ends up in oil on canvas.  

3) How do you feel when you're painting

3) Painting is my meditation and therapy. I paint my feelings. If a relationship hurt me, if i feel ashamed or angry, I can’t help but visualize it and give that feeling a body so i can paint it. While I paint, all those memories come up, the feelings rush out of me and get stuck onto the canvas. When I’m finished, I’m like a stranger to my own emotions - I can’t believe I‘ve ever felt this intensely. My paintings are like dreamcatchers. 

4) What are the topics of your pictures

4) On first glance one would think the topic is naked women. The truth is, my paintings aren’t about the physical but the emotional me and what my emotions look like in their most vulnerable form. I want them to be timeless, that’s why I don’t use clothes in my images. I use gesture and skin to enhance what feeling I want to convey. I never use human skin tones but turn skin into any different color and material that feels suitable to the feeling I want you to see. If I’m horny, my figure will melt for the heat inside. If I’m heartbroken, my skin is fragile like porcelain. If I’m ashamed, my skin feels sticky and uncomfortable. My canvases are larger than myself- when you stand in front of them, you will feel overwhelmed by how what you see truly hits you. This way I help the audience relate to me.

5) What else do you do but paint

5) I only paint and sleep and eat. Sometimes I poop. 

6) What's your favorite Picture

6) desperate desire is my favorite.